A Breakthough for Justice

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After six months of fighting in federal courts, the Medill Justice Project is making headway on one current case. A judge granted the group access to medical records and CT scans that could prove the innocence of day care worker Jennifer Delprit.


Delprit was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison for allegedly shaking an infant who died from shaken baby syndrome. But doctors raised concerns about the child's condition prior to the incident at the day care. The CT scans will show whether the child had underlying symptoms prior to the incident. One member of the justice project says regardless of the case's outcome, getting the medical records was a big step in the right direction.

But I consider it a victory for open government because one of the first duties we have as journalists is old our government accountable, to fight for public records, to inform people about what's happening and that's what we're doing in this case,” says Medill Justice Program director Alec Klein.

The Medill Justice Project is looking to publish a potential story on the case at the end of the quarter. For information on this case and other projects visit www.medilljusticeproject.org.

By Gabrielle Ake


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