Cinco de Mayo Celebration

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Many students were out celebrating on Saturday. They were celebrating the date itself, Cinco de Mayo.


Some students headed out for an early celebration Friday hosted by the Spanish department and NU’s Latina sorority.


Students from diverse backgrounds spoke Spanish and enjoyed some traditional Mexican food while listening to the history of Cinco de Mayo.


To many students’ surprise, the holiday commemorates a battle victory, not the Mexican Independence day. And Cinco de Mayo is not widely celebrated in Mexico. But NU Alianza says Cinco de Mayo is special to Mexican-Americans because it is an opportunity to express cultural pride.


"It just demonstrates how they are connected to their culture. Even though they are Americans, they may have a heritage of being Mexican. They still realize that a lot of things they do come from that heritage, and they are just showing the pride in that, " said Alianza member, Chiarra Manzanares.


Like many other cultural holidays in the United States, Cinco de Mayo helps people from varied backgrounds understand other cultures.

By Jolene Zhou


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