NUCHR Targets Global Hunger



A group of 43 delegates descended upon Evanston this weekend.

These undergrads came from all corners of the country, but they shard a common goal:

Dissect the problem of global hunger at Northwestern University's Annual Conference on Human Rights.


“Hopefully delegates will not only come away with a better understanding, not just from hearing all these panelists and really accomplished speakers talk about the issues, but also they will have their preconceived notions challenged,” said NUCHR Co-Director Chelsea Glenn.


Delegates spent 3 days attending panels, listening to speakers, and talking in breakout groups.

Attendees hailed from different areas of study, but you could say they focused on one issue this weekend: implementing change within their own concentrations.


“There are bio majors to agricultural science majors to nutritionists to so it's a really great array of people and many different perspectives that we try and bring in,” Glenn said.


“This is one of the best conferences I've ever been to, because there is such a diverse group of students here from all over the country,” NUCHR delegate Amara Ugwu said.


Organizers even tried to implement sustainability within the summit itself. The conference went "green" with the help of the campus group Engineers for a Sustainable World. That means initiatives like environmentally-friendly travel for delegates and no red meat served at meals.


“We came up with a bunch of initiatives in a few categories, like transportation, materials management, and food. And then, made sure that we could quantify all of those different things,” Sam Malin from Engineers for a Sustainable World said.


After three days of learning and discussion, delegates left NUCHR with a new knowledge of how to combat the global food crisis.

By Joey Lautrup


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