No-Shave-November - An Unknown Cause


When it comes to facial hair, sophomore Sam Ide has done it all.


“In eighth grade, I grew chops,” he says. “Freshman year of high school, I grew out a chinstrap; senior year, I grew out a goatee. I pretty much entered college looking like a 35-year-old man.”


Ide wasn't about to miss out on No-Shave-November, also known as Movember. Each November, men around the world grow out their beards and mustaches.


However many are not sure how the trend got started.


“Just because it is alliterative in that it is 'No-Shave-November?’” senior Taylor Hartstein guesses.


Well, not exactly. In 1999, a group of Australians started the tradition to raise awareness for prostate cancer. So far, they've raised over $174 million.


“I had no idea it was a reference to prostate cancer,” junior Dan Desalva says. “I guess it really lost all meaning.”


The group's original purpose might be lost to some, but plenty are still willing to participate and even document the progress


“I took a picture of my scruff on day one, took a picture of the scruffier scruff on day two,” Ide says. “Day three I actually wanted to throw people off, so I got a large wig and put it on my face, and the majority of the people were tricked.”

By Jessica Schiffman


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